Our story

We started with a bang! Literally......


Let me take you back to before Pinned Attire was even a thought.

July 27th 2014 - We were out for a shred at our local spot (Myself, Ryan and partner Sarah) where all was going so well. We'd had an awesome day sending kickers and railing berms with some of the local crew. Late afternoon we decided to call it a day, with a short pedal home the route took us through the old quarry. Sarah being Sarah decided she'd not had enough for one day and we hit a few of the quarry lines. This is when disaster struck....

"One last run" Said Sarah

Now I'm sure most of you know that these are the words that no mountain biker ever said when they wanted to return home safe that night.

She dropped into the wrong line at the wrong angle, catching her front wheel on a rock ejecting her over the bars. She fell 30 feet and landed on her head. We knew at this point things were bad.... Very bad.

Laying there unconscious with her face in the ground, this was a terrifying moment. With a panicked 999 call, the fantastic emergency services arrived in no time at all.

Shortly after, the Air Ambulance arrived and whisked her off to ICU.

Sarah was in a coma and fighting for her life.

She spent a further 4 weeks in hospital and had a full year of rehabilitation. After speaking to the fantastic medical professionals we found out that most people wouldn't have survived the severity of this accident and 100% she would not be here now if the lightning fast Air Ambulance hadn't have flown her there so quick!

For this reason we feel indebted to there services.


This is why Pinned Attire was started.

We created a brand to help raise awareness and money for the Air Ambulance charity.

So come and join us on our journey of giving back to the charity that kept Sarah with us and so many others in their day to day role!